Wema Bank: USSD Codes, Mobile Banking, Contacts and More

Originally founded as Agbonmagbe Bank in 1945, Wema Bank has been around for decades now. Today, it has more than 150 offices, more than 3,500 employees and millions of customers. Wema Bank also powers Alat, the first fully operational digital bank in Nigeria.

In this article, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about Wema Bank, including internet banking, mobile banking, USSD banking, current and savings accounts, loans, and many other banking services.

An overview of Wema Bank

  • [1945[1945: Founded as Agbonmagbe Bank Limited.
  • 1969: Acquired by Western Nigeria Marketing Board. The bank was renamed Wema Bank Limited.
  • 1987: Transformed into a limited liability company
  • 1990: Listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • 2001: Obtained a universal banking license to offer more financial services.
  • 2009: Became a regional bank.
  • 2015: Became a National Bank, with a capital base of over N43.8 billion.
  • 2017: Launch of ALAT, the first all-digital bank in Nigeria (and one of the best to date).

At the time of writing, Wema Bank PLC has more than 150 branches, more than 3,500 employees and millions of customers. This banking giant also houses one of the pioneers and leading Fintech products in the country; Alat by Wema.

Wema Bank internet banking

Wema Bank offers internet banking solutions that work 24/7. alat.ng gives customers full internet and mobile access to their bank accounts.

Registration for Wema internet banking

Please visit alat.ng on a desktop browser. You can also open the page on a smartphone, but you must set your browser to desktop mode.

Log in to Wema internet banking

You can log in to Alat by Wema on the web here. Please note that you do not need to create an account if you are already using the mobile app. Just log in with your mobile app credentials and you’re good to go.

Wema Bank mobile banking: Alat by Wema

Alat by Wema, more commonly known as Alat Bank, is a digital bank powered by the widely known Wema bank. It is also the first fully digital bank in Nigeria. If you’re tired of plain old banks and want to take control of your money, ALAT is for you.

Most important features:

  • No need to visit a bank to open an account
  • Scheduling transfers and bill payments
  • Save easily with automated target savings
  • Free bank card delivery anywhere in Nigeria
  • Control your bank card from your phone
  • Works with all Nigerian bank cards
  • No hidden costs
  • A virtual dollar card for online payment

How to download the Alat by Wema app


You can download and install Alat by Wema App from Google Play Store. It has a small size of 11 MB and more than 1 million downloads. It currently has a rating of 3.8 from over 28,000 users.


If you are using an iPhone or iPad device, you can download and install Alat by Wema from the Apple App Store.

Wema USSD Banking: *945#

The official USSD code of Wema Bank is *945#. You can access this code from any network, including MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, and GLO. Please note that you must use the phone number associated with your bank account.

Account management

  • Account Balance: *945*0#
  • Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Change primary account: *945*2*oldacctno*newacctno#
  • Open account: *945*1#
  • Account registration on 945: *945*01#
  • BVN management: *945*4#
  • Account Restriction: *945*911#

Airtime, data and transmission codes

  • Transmission time (self): *945*amount#
  • Airtime (other): *945*phoneNo*amount#
  • Transmission time/data: *945*9#
  • Transfers: (Wema account and other banks) *945*accountNo*amount#

Quick loan code

Cable TV Codes

  • Cable TV menu: *945*10#
  • DSTV: *945*11# and *945*11*smartcardNO#
  • GOTV: *945*12# and *945*12*smartcardNO#
  • Start times: *945*13# and *945*13*smartcardNO#

Internet service codes

  • Internet service menu: *945*15#
  • Smile: *945*16#
  • Spectranet: *945*18#

Electricity Bill Codes

  • Electricity bill: *945*24#
  • Eko: *945*25*meter number*amount#
  • Ikeja: *945*26*meterno*amount#
  • Ibadan: *945*27*meterno*amount#
  • Abuja: *945*28*meterno*amount#
  • Enugu: *945*29*meterno*amount#
  • Jos: *945*30*meter number*amount#
  • Kaduna: *945*31*meter number*amount#
  • Canoe: *945*32*meter number*amount#
  • Portharcourt: *945*33*meterno*amount#

Schools and exam codes

  • WAEC (result check): *945*70#
  • JAMB (result check): *945*71#

State collections

  • Lagos State Collection: *945*40#

Wema Bank Customer Service

If you have any complaints or questions, you can always Contact Wema Bank. They have customer service representatives who will help you.

Customer service number

  • +234-803-900-3700
  • +234-01-277-7700-9
  • WhatsApp: 09044411010
  • 07000 PURPLE (07000787753)


  • Purpleconnect@wemabank.com

Wema Bank head office address

Wema Bank is headquartered in Nigeria where they manage the banking services they offer. You can also contact the head office if you have complaints or questions, or if you want to physically open a new bank account or take out a loan.

Wema’s head office is located at Wema Towers 54, Marina Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Wema Bank financial products, services and account types

Wema has so many financial products and services that we cannot name them all. However, we’ve highlighted a few in this article.

Personal current account

Personal current account is an ideal current account that claims to meet the individual basic banking needs of customers. It also comes with a debit card and allows users to issue and submit checks.

You can open this account as a single person, as a joint account or as a registered company.

Salary Current account

Do you need a checking account to receive your salary from your employer or a fixed income from someone, then this account may be worth a try. wema Salary Current account also gives users access to personal loans and revolving credit facilities.

Fixed Deposits

If you want to grow your money in a short period of time between 30 -180 days or more, a Fixed Deposit Account is for you.

At the end of the agreed period (maturity), the investment can be rolled over (reinvested) or liquidated (repaid to you) in addition to the interest earned.

Wema Bank Loans

Personal loans

If you are an employed or self-employed customer of Wema Bank, you may be eligible for a direct loan of up to 2 million. The repayment term can be up to 3 years.

Advance school fees

If you find that you need a short-term loan to pay for your children’s school fees, you can contact a Wema Bank customer agent. You may be eligible for a tuition fee advance of up to ₦3 million.

Wema Asset Acquisition Scheme

Do you want to buy an item, but you can’t afford it at the moment? The Wema Asset Acquisition Scheme (WAAS) can help you acquire it and pay it back later.

How can you apply for Wema Bank loans?

Visit this page to see all Wema Bank Consumer loans. You can apply for loans on the Internet, in the Alat app or by visiting a physical branch.

Wema Bank website

Wema Bank has a website where you can see all the information about them on the internet and learn more about their services. The website is Wemabank.com.

Wema Bank Swift Code Information

A SWIFT code is a set of 8 or 11 digits that represents a bank branch. You must use one when sending money internationally.

swift code WEMANGLAXXX
Bank name Wema Bank Plc
Bank address Marina, 54, Wema Towers, Lagos, Nigeria
City Lagos
Country Nigeria

Wema Bank branches

Trying to locate the Wema Bank branch(s) in a region? This article has you covered. You can visit this page and indicate your location. You will see a list of the Wema Bank offices and ATMs closest to you.

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