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Some Instagram videos are too good to watch just once. But if you want to download an Instagram video to watch later, you may run into some problems.

Of course you can save videos in the app. But that won’t work if you want to use them in a marketing deck, record in a supercut, or watch without an internet connection. As long as you respect the creators and don’t pass their work off as your own, downloading and sharing videos is a widely accepted practice. But it’s also incredibly difficult to do.

Fortunately, we’ve done the work – and tackled the pop-up ads – so you don’t have to. Keep reading for our guide to the best methods and third-party apps to download Instagram videos to your phone and/or computer.

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How to download Instagram videos to your phone

Let’s start saving an Instagram video to the camera roll on your phone. Whether you use an iPhone, an Android or any other modern smart device, there are many different ways to save Instagram videos. Once they’re there, you can even drop them to a computer or email them.

Method 1: Manual

You can’t take a screenshot of a video, but your smartphone can probably take a screen recording.

You need to manually add screen recording to your quick settings on both iPhones and Android devices. Once it’s there, you can just swipe to your quick menu, hit record, and let the video play.

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screen recording is a way to download Instagram videos

On iPhones, the red bar at the top of the screen means that a screen recording is in progress.

It’s all very simple, but there are some tips to ensure a clean shot:

  • Adjust your volume. If you’re recording a video, you have to play the whole thing while recording your entire phone screen. That means everything you do on your phone is captured on video. Unless you want to show you’re turning up a song, set the volume before pressing record.
  • Do not disturb. Even if you’ve perfected your settings, there’s nothing worse than an unexpected pop-up. If you receive an embarrassing text from your mom or an angry notification from DuoLingo, part of the clip will be hidden. To keep your interface clean, briefly enter “Do Not Disturb” mode, which will pause notifications.
  • Cut and crop. Whether you use it in a more professional context or just keep it to yourself, go ahead and delete the unnecessary information. Nobody likes a video that starts with the “screen recording” popup and ends with your Instagram homepage. And trust us, they don’t want to know what your phone’s battery looks like or what carrier you’re using. After you’ve recorded your video, use your phone to trim and trim the file, keeping the focus on the actual content.
  • Watch and rewatch. Screen recording is an imperfect method, so there are probably plenty of other things that can go wrong. Watch the video before, during, and after shooting to make sure you captured it correctly.

Method 2: Using a website

Some websites allow you to download Instagram videos to your phone without installing any additional software.

We recommend using a site like . to use Save Instagram. Just tap the three dots in the top right corner of the Instagram video you want to save, then copy the link to the post and paste it into this site. Then you should be able to isolate and save your video to your device.

Save Insta’s instructions are for Safari on iOS, so you may get different results if you try it on a different browser or device. You should also watch out for pop-up ads disguised as fake “download” links.

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Method 3: Using an app

If you don’t want to bother with screen recording or websites, it’s best to use the App Store. But some apps are more reliable than others. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the four best apps for downloading Instagram videos to your phone.

The 4 best apps to download Instagram videos, ranked

If you want to download Instagram videos through a third-party app, you need to use one of them.

Remark: As always, before downloading any software to your phone, make sure you are happy with the app’s security policies and terms and conditions.

1. Repost: For Instagram

Cost: Free, with paid upgrade
Download for iOS
Download for Android

Repost: for Instagram download screen

The Repost: For Instagram app is one of the most popular Instagram downloaders of all time. It is designed to make it easy to repost an Instagram image or video from one account to another. But you can also use it to save clips directly to your device.

It is a highly rated, long-running app that offers a streamlined user experience. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the watermark unless you pay for a premium version. But that’s probably a good thing – you should cite your source anyway.

2. Reposter for Instagram (iOS only)

Cost: Free
Download for iOS

repost for instagram preview of potential ad reach on Instagram Reels

Reposter for Instagram is a lightweight app that allows you to download full-resolution Instagram videos without annoying watermarks.

However, there is no paid option, which may mean less reliable updates. Several users have reported that the app can be glitchy at times and there are many intrusive advertisements. Still, this app does the job if you want to download Instagram videos.

3. Intake

Cost: Free
Download for iOS
Download for Android

instake click on the button National Geographic post

InsTake may be less known, but it also allows users to easily download Instagram videos.

The app, available on Android and iOS, allows users to download Instagram videos without upgrading to a paid option. However, you need to log into your Instagram account through the app for it to work, which may seem like an unnecessary step to some.

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4. InstaGet (Android only)

Cost: Free
Download for Android

paste instaget image or video URL

InstaGet is a simple and straightforward app that gets the job done whenever you want to download an IG video.

What the free app lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in ease of use. That said, it’s only available on Android, so iPhone users will have to look elsewhere.

FAQ about downloading Instagram videos

What types of Instagram videos can you download?

Depending on your chosen method, you can download any kind of video content from Instagram. That includes Instagram Reels, Instagram Video, and Instagram Stories. You can even download Instagram Live videos if you choose the screen recording option.

How do you download Instagram videos on a computer?

It is arguably even easier to download Instagram videos on a computer. You simply copy the URL of the Instagram post and connect it to a video downloader site like AceThinker to access the video. There are also browser extensions that work the same way.

If you are super tech savvy, you can even inspect the Instagram URL source code and find the MP4 source code to download to your computer.

ace thinker free online video downloader

Is it illegal to download Instagram videos?

It is not illegal to download Instagram videos for personal use, but it does become a gray area when reusing the content. Passing someone else’s work for your own is definitely a no-no, as is editing or altering the content in any way.

Always mention the Instagram account you made the video from and make it clear that it is not your own original content.

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