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How To Apply Coupon Code On A Product.

What is Coupon Code?

A Coupon Code (also known as Promo Code) is a special series of characters used on E-commerce websites to get a discounted price or limited offer on an order.

How can I use Coupon Code on Full Edu Info?

You may be given coupon code to use on a fixed discounted Cart or products. If there’s any coupon code, just follow the steps below.

Visit our shop for list of products.

You can Visit our Shop to see series of our products (mainly Textbooks). The image below shows how our shop looks like.

The next step is to locate the product you’re to buy at a discounted price (we’ll use Lamlad’s Chemistry Textbook as example). After locating it, click on Add to Cart. After clicking on Add to Cart, you’ll see View Cart under it. Just click on it. Image below shows where to click.

Visit the Cart page

After clicking on View Cart, You’ll be directed to your cart 🛒(this is where you packed your products you’re to purchase). There you’ll see where the textbook is being stored for you with the price of just #1,500. Image below explains more

Apply the Coupon Code

Lets say the coupon code we’re to apply is MERRYXMAS. All needed of you is to place the coupon code in the section where you see coupon code and then click on Apply coupon code. This coupon code will clear all the price to #0.00 as the price for this coupon code is #1,500. Check Image below.

Proceed to checkout

After applying the coupon code, the next thing is to proceed to checkout. If you’ve already registered, your details will be filled automatically. But if you are new number, you’ll be asked to fill the details manually and you’ll be logged in automatically and get your products. Check image below.

Place your order.

After filling your details, scroll down and you’ll see Place order with the total price of #0.00. Click on Place Order and your order will be completed and you’ll be able to get your product. Check image below:

Note: Not all coupon codes do clear your price to 0. It bases on how much the seller put there as a discounted price.

If you have any question or suggestions, kindly use the WhatsApp button below to send us a direct message on WhatsApp.