24 Twitter Demographics That Matter to Marketers in 2022

Twitter’s small but mighty word count has gripped us since its launch in 2006. The microblogging app is not only an effective tool for communication (and memes), but also for businesses: a single ad on Twitter has the potential to reach 436.4 million people.

But who are those users? Demographics matter. Where do they live? How much money do they make? Are they old enough to rent a car or legally buy fireworks? All important questions to ask when using the social marketing platform, especially if you are some sort of pyrotechnic carshare startup. (That’s my idea, nobody steals it.)

These stats reveal everything you need to know about who uses Twitter and who? not using it. From age and gender demographics to platform lovers and haters, we’ve got you covered.

General Twitter User Demographics

1. Twitter is the world 15th most used social media platform.

Sandwiched between Pinterest (the world’s 14th most used platform) and Reddit (ranked number 13), Twitter is much lower on the list than Facebook and Instagram, but this is a lineup of giants. It’s kind of like an Olympic swimmer turning 15: they’re still one of the best swimmers in the world.

most used social media apps
Source: Digital 2022

2. Twitter is the 12th most popular term searched on google.

Despite having their own app (and, you know, bookmarking existing ones), people still frequently search for “twitter” on Google, even more often than Netflix.

top google search
Source: Digital 2022

3. Twitter.com is visited 7.1 billion times a month.

That is based on data from statistic— there were 7.1 billion visits in May 2022, up from 6.8 billion visits in December 2021.

4. Advertisements on Twitter can reach 8.8% of all internet users.

There are a total of 4.95 billion internet users, so 8.8% is nothing to sneeze at. Maybe it’s time to explore how you can use Twitter for business.

ad audience overview

Source: Digital 2022

5. The number of worldwide Twitter users is expected to grow to 497.48 million by 2025.

That’s almost five hundred million, if you count (and we are).

expected number of users

Source: statistic

6. 82% of major Twitter users say they use the platform for entertainment.

A Statista survey 2021 found that 82% of frequent tweeters (those who tweet 20 or more times a month, referred to as “high volume” in this data) use Twitter for entertainment. 78% said they use the microblogging platform to stay informed, and 77% said they use it to express their views. Not surprisingly, only 29% of low-volume Twitter users (those who tweet less than 20 times a month) said they use Twitter as a way to express their views… after all, you can’t really help yourself. voicing in the app if you don’t tweet or retweet.

reasons to use Twitter

Source: statistic

7. When it comes to using social media sites for news, Twitter is the most popular source.

At least that is the case in the United States. By 2021, 55% of Americans reported getting regular news from Twitter. That makes it the most used social platform for news: Facebook follows with 47%, followed by Reddit (39%), Youtube (30%) and TikTok (29%).

use for news
Source: statistic

8. Plus, 57% of people who get news from Twitter say the platform has increased their understanding of current events over the past year.

This comes from another American study. 39% of Twitter news consumers said they learned about the lives of celebrities and public figures, 37% said it increased their political engagement and 31% said it increased their stress levels.

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news and stress levels
Source: Pew Research Center

9. Alone 0.2% of Twitter users nothing but use Twitter.

In other words, almost all people on Twitter have accounts on other social networks as well. The biggest overlap is with Instagram: 87.6% of Twitter users also use Instagram. Social media marketers should keep that in mind when designing campaigns (for example, there is much less overlap between Twitter and Snapchat users, so selecting those two platforms can result in reaching a wider audience).

overlap of social platforms
Source: Digital 2022

10. A majority of Twitter users don’t really understand their privacy settings.

Yaks. According to an Pew Research Survey 2021, 35% of Twitter users said they either had a private Twitter handle or were unsure about their privacy settings… but of those users, 83% actually had a public Twitter account. (Psst – if you’re not sure about your own settings, check this one out best practices for optimizing Twitter settings).

privacy settings

Source: Pew Research Center

Twitter age demographics

11. Most Twitter users are in the age of 25 and 34.

Globally, 38.5% of Twitter users are aged 25-34, making it the largest age group using the app. So if you’re trying to increase brand awareness in this age group, Twitter is a good solution.

The smallest age group is 13-17 (6.6%), that is probably the best.

global users by age group

Source: statistic

12. 20% of 18 to 34 year olds have a positive opinion about Twitter.

In fact, it seems that opinions on Twitter have an inverse relationship with age: younger people tend to have a favorable opinion, and older people tend to have an unfavorable opinion. It is illustrated in the Statista chart below: the light blue (“very favorable”) part decreases as the age group increases, and the red (“very unfavorable”) part increases as the age group increases.

favorable advice VS age

Source: statistic

13. Since 2014-15, the number of teens using Twitter has increased declined.

According to an PEW Research Study33% of U.S. teens reported using Twitter in 2014-15, but only 23% of teens reported using the platform by 2021. There was also a decline in teen interest in Facebook, while Instagram and Snapchat showed a decline in teens’ interest in Facebook. increased (52% to 62% and 41% to 59%), respectively.

teen use

Source: Pew Research Center

14. Twitter has one of the smallest age differences among users of a popular social platform.

This means that the age difference between the youngest Twitter users and the oldest Twitter users is smaller (35 years) than with other apps. For example, the age difference among Snapchat users is 63 years. While Twitter’s age difference is small, it’s not the smallest (that award goes to Facebook, which has an average age difference of 20 years).

age difference between users

Source: Pew Research Center

Twitter gender demographics

15. Worldwide, 56.4% of Twitter users identify as male.

And 43.6% identify as female.

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global users by gender

Source: statistic

16. 1/4 of all American men use Twitter.

That’s only slightly higher than the statistic for women: 22% of American women use the app.

by gender VS

Source: statistic

17. 35% of American women have a favorable opinion of Twitter and 43% of American men have a favorable opinion of Twitter.

According to a 2021 study by Statista43% of American men have a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” opinion of Twitter – and 35% of American women feel the same way.

favorable advice US adults by gender

Source: statistic

Twitter location demographics

18. The United States is the country with the most Twitter users, with 76.9 million.

Japan (58.95 million users), India (23.6 million users), Brazil (19.05 million users) after the US.

countries with the most Twitter users

Source: statistic

19. Singapore is the country with the highest eligible reach for Twitter ads (53.9%).

That means ads and promoted Tweets have the potential to reach just over half of Singaporeans, and it’s the country with the highest eligible reach. After Singapore comes Japan (52.3%) and then Saudi Arabia (50.4%).

reach of ads
Source: Digital 2022

20. The US has the largest ad audience on Twitter.

Since America is the country with the most Twitter users, it is also the country with the largest ad audience. Ads on Twitter can reach 27.3% of all Americans over 13.

ad reach ranking

Source: Digital 2022

22. 26% of US adults have a “somewhat favorable” opinion of Twitter.

This is according to a Statista survey 2021. The same data reports that 13% of US adults have a very favorable opinion of Twitter, 15% a somewhat unfavorable opinion of Twitter, and 18% a very unfavorable opinion of Twitter. In other words, opinions are divided, but whether they’re love scrolling or hate scrolling, they keep scrolling.

favorable advice US adults

Source: statistic

Twitter income demographics

23. Alone 12% of Americans who earn less than $30ka a year use Twitter.

The numbers are higher in higher income groups. 29% of Americans who earn $30,000-$49,999 per year use Twitter and 34% of Americans who earn 75,000 or more per year use Twitter.

income and education statistics

Source: Pew Research Center

Twitter education level demographics

24. 33% of Twitter users have a college degree.

In fact, those with a post-secondary degree make up the largest percentage of Twitter users: 26% have completed an education and 14% have a high school diploma or less. Scholars, unite.

education level US

Source: statistic

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